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January 26, 2024
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January 27, 2024
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Enhorabuena a Daniel y Rubén!

Con la ayuda de nuestra academia de inglés en Málaga, han podido superar el Trinity GESE grado 4 – ¡enhorabuena a ambos!

In a world of words, young minds entwine,
Rubén and Daniel, a duo so fine.
Twins of tenacity, through each endeavor,
Embarked on a quest to conquer English, forever.

Side by side, they faced the linguistic maze,
A journey challenging, in so many ways.
Through Trinity’s exam, with diligence and grace,
They triumphed together, a shared embrace.

With courage ablaze and effort profound,
Rubén and Daniel, language newly crowned.
In the realm of English, they spread their wings,
A harmonious dance, where achievement sings.

Through the grammar’s dance and vocabulary’s delight,
They conquered the language, took flight.
Twins united, their spirits unfurl,
In the language of English, they’ve found their pearl.

Congratulations, Rubén and Daniel, so bright,
Your triumph echoes, a beacon of light.
Through study and toil, you’ve reached the peak,
In the world of language, fluent and sleek.

So, here’s to your journey, a linguistic spree,
May words continue to set you both free.
Twins of triumph, a tale to be told,
In the story of language, forever bold.

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