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The Power of Repetition: How Using New Words Can Improve Your Vocabulary


Have you ever learned a new word or phrase and then struggled to remember it when the time came to use it? Many of us have experienced this frustrating phenomenon. However, there is a simple technique that can help you commit new vocabulary to memory: repetition.

Repetition is a powerful tool when it comes to learning new words. By using a new word or phrase in various contexts and situations, you can reinforce your understanding of its meaning and usage. This technique can be particularly effective when applied consistently over time.

For example, imagine you’ve recently learned the word “ephemeral,” which means lasting for a very short time. You could use this word in a sentence like, “The beauty of a sunset is ephemeral.” By using the word in context, you not only reinforce its meaning but also make it easier to recall in the future.

Furthermore, incorporating new words into your everyday speech and writing can help solidify them in your memory. For instance, you could use “ephemeral” when describing a fleeting moment or a short-lived trend.

Another benefit of using new words regularly is that it can help expand your vocabulary. As you become more comfortable with a word, you may start to notice opportunities to use it in different ways or in various contexts. This process of exploration can deepen your understanding of the word’s nuances and broaden your overall vocabulary.

In conclusion, the key to memorizing new words is repetition. By using new words in example sentences and reusing them whenever possible, you can improve your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills. So next time you learn a new word, don’t just let it languish in your memory—put it to use and watch your vocabulary grow!

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Brett Ordonez Yates
Brett Ordonez Yates
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